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and unique

Every single place, detail, smile, and tear are part of your incredible

wedding story that is about to happen...  

California Wedding Filmmaker

You are our inspiration,

your friends and family celebrating with you,

and all the things you planned for.

THIS COULD BE  your wedding  STORY


it's to live the moment and to have someone to capture it for you

In essentiality, we find the heart of our style.
We don't like to pose situations that are already so
magical on their own

We try to create something intimate, focusing attention on your relationship, space, emotions

to capture them in our images

We believe that a wedding is  a pure  celebration of love where every moment must be remembered. We feel delighted to be part of such a special day.

Our goal is to capture all the magic, feelings and details; In the most beautiful, joyful and authentic possible way.

 Less is more!

Your movie will reflect the best moments of your wedding;

all the love, the emotion and every detail that you planned with so much love.

We like to be part in the event as if we were a guest,
so no big cameras or tools that capture attention on us

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